A greener
Ontario for
future generations

Hydro One’s unique position within Ontario’s electricity landscape means we have a pivotal role to play in transmitting and distributing clean electricity across the province.

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Taking action to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment

Our unique position enables us to help our customers, partners and suppliers achieve their climate change goals and advance Ontario toward a low-carbon economy.

Reducing our carbon footprint and creating a resilient grid for the future

Our Climate Change Commitments

Hydro One is one of the industry leaders in North America when it comes to the integration of clean energy resources. We own and operate vital infrastructure necessary to help Ontario achieve its climate change goals and transition toward a low-carbon economy. Read more about our environment work.

We're making today brighter

Hydro One transmits and distributes electricity that is approximately 96% carbon emission-free and our GHG emissions are estimated to account for only 0.2% of Ontario’s total GHG emissions; Ontario has one of the lowest carbon-emitting electricity grids in North America.

We incorporated new design criteria in 2020 to improve grid resiliency against severe weather events. We continued to upgrade and modernize our storm response performance from storm tracking, damage assessment and repair work management while also improving the quality of our outage communication with our customers.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

Commit to reducing our GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 and to achieve net zero by 2050.
Plan to convert our entire fleet of light-duty gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles and hybrids by 2030 with 50 per cent converted by 2025.

Advancing our environmental programs

Our Environmental Management Commitments

Our environmental management programs play a critical role in helping us manage our impacts on the natural, built and social environments, as well as in lowering our environmental footprint. Learn more about our environmental conservation and stewardship plans.

We're making today brighter

Protecting Ontario's biodiversity. One of our biodiversity projects is to protect fish and improve local species habitat, including one designed to improve culverts to allow for upstream migration of fish to spawning and juvenile-rearing habitats for brook trout on Hydro One properties.

Our Resource Management. We received rebates from our recycling of metal and oil from our transformers – in 2020 we recycled over 1.9 million litres of oil and solid waste, resulting in approximately $2.9 million in rebates.

Contaminated Land Management. In 2020, we recorded 438 spills*, with 100 spills* resulting from weather-related events. We recovered 98%* of the liquid materials that were spilled.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

Create and study pollinator habitats in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. In 2020, we helped create 20 hectares of pollinator habitat across the province.
Continue ongoing partnership to support fish spawning and juvenile-rearing habitats for brook trout on Hydro One property in Wesleyville.