Our focus on being an efficient, dynamic, and customer-centric company is supported by placing workplace and public health and safety first. 

It's the foundation of our work programs, systems and is seen in our commitment to minimize the risk of injury in every possible circumstance. 

This requires a strong health and safety management system and a commitment to following utility best practices. We incorporate public health and safety into business decisions, promote public health and safety, support community health and safety initiatives, and provide employees with the training and support they need to safely carry out their jobs. 

For more information please view our Public Safety Policy and Health and Safety Policy.

Image of emergency responder lights

Emergency Responders

Safety and preparedness are top priorities for emergency responders. Learn more about our commitment to your safety here.

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Image of a Hydro One worker with a child

Public Safety

Electrical equipment is all around us. Keep you and your family safe with these power safety reminders.

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Image of a transmission station with the sky in the background

Electric & Magnetic Fields

Learn about how we are working to address your concerns about Electric and Magnetic Fields.

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Mind the Lines

Up, down and underground, power lines are around us and can be dangerous.

Know the risks and how to avoid them to stay safe.

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