Tree Trimming Emergencies

Tree Trimming Emergencies

  • Is the tree smoking, sparking, or burning on a power line?

  • Is the tree leaning on a power line?

  • Is the tree a hazard to the line (split, leaning, hanging over, or uprooted)?

If there is an immediate threat to your safety, please call:


Request a Tree Trimming

Vegetation is an important part of our well-being. That's why our practices are designed to support the regeneration and re-establishment of compatible vegetation. Often trees and other vegetation can pose a threat to your safety or the electrical system. If you see hazardous vegetation around electricity lines, request a tree trimming to help manage the issue safely and ensure it doesn't cause any power disruptions or harm.

Vegetation Management Team Site Visit

If the line is determined to be our property, we will send a qualified team to assess the issue.

Our team will assess the condition of the tree(s) using the following basic parameters:

  • Is the tree dead, diseased, uprooting, or structurally weak?

  • Is the tree within 10 feet of an energized distribution primary circuit that will affect the reliability of our distribution system?

  • Is the tree a safety hazard with the potential to cause an electrical safety concern to the public or deemed a potential fire hazard?

Site Maintenance

If the vegetation is deemed to be unsafe, our qualified team will take precautionary measures by trimming or removing the tree to ensure your safety. To learn more about our tree trimming practices, please visit our Vegetation Management page.

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Temporary Disconnect

By arranging a Temporary Disconnect, you can plan work you need to do with the power off in advance. Schedule workers in a 24-hour window to get your project done on time.

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Electrical Inspections

Prevent electrical hazards in your home and business by requesting an inspection before beginning upgrades or installations. It will not only help keep you safe, it's required by law.

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Click before you dig

Before you start digging to plant a tree, build a fence or install a deck, request a FREE underground locate to find what utility cables exist on your property, preventing serious injury and liability.

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