Public Safety

Powerlines are all around us, overhead and underground. Stay safe with these powerline safety tips.

Electrical equipment is all around us, from the powerlines suspended overhead to the utilities buried underground, such as electricity, cable, gas, water and sewage. Hydro One’s crews regularly receive safety training, and our safety experts want to share the same safety tips with the public.

Distractions can be deadly, but it’s easy to get distracted when there’s work to be done around the house or in the yard. If you or someone you know experiences electrocution or other injury, call 911 immediately.

The most common powerline hazards at home involve using a ladder, pruning a tree and flying a kite. Before you start any outdoor work or do-it-yourself project, be sure to locate all the overhead powerlines, including those that may be hidden by trees. If your projects involve digging, see our Underground Locates page for safety tips.

How to stay safe around powerlines

1. Look up and locate powerlines

2. Keep yourself and equipment a safe distance of 3 metres away

3. Never attach or drape anything on a powerline

4. Always carry equipment horizontally

5. Plant trees away from overhead powerlines

Powerline Safety Tips

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