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Accurate and Up-To-Date Information

During a power outage, you need accurate and up-to-date information - fast! Our suite of Outage Tools gives you that critical information when you really need it. The tools include the Outage Map, Outage Alerts, and the Hydro One App, which allows you to report an outage from your mobile phone.


The Outage Map shows where an outage has occurred, approximately how many customers are affected, what caused it, and how long before we expect to have power restored. The map is available in English and French, and it’s updated every 10 minutes as new information comes in from our crews on site. You can check the Outage Map on whichever device you prefer - mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Available in English and French.

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Choose one of three map views—satellite, road, or hybrid

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Find out how many customers affected, what caused the outage and estimated time of restoration. Download the app today.

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We’ll notify you when there’s an outage in your area, when we have updates, and when power is restored. You’ll also be able to report an outage by text! To sign up, you must have myAccount.

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Know the risks and how to avoid them to stay safe.

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