Region Overview

The Greater Ottawa Region covers the municipalities bordering the Ottawa River from Stewartville in the West to Hawkesbury in the East and North of Highway 43. At the center of this region is the Ottawa Area, comprising the City of Ottawa and surrounding municipalities including Kanata, Nepean, and Orleans. The region is divided into two sub-regions:

  • Ottawa Area Sub-region: This area comprises primarily the City of Ottawa. It is the second largest urban centre in Ontario with a population over 1.1 million and a mix of electricity customers including government and commercial facilities, light industry, and residential customers.

  • Outer Ottawa Sub-region: This sub-region comprises the eastern and western parts of the Greater Ottawa Region. The eastern part is bordered by the City of Clarence-Rockland, Municipality of Casselman, and eastward to Champlain Township, while the western part is located to the West of Kanata.

Region's Local Distribution Companies
  • Hydro 2000 Inc.
  • Hydro Ottawa Limited
  • Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.
  • Ottawa River Power Corporation
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • Renfrew Hydro Inc.

Map: Greater Ottawa

Current Status

Due to an increase in load growth in the region, the third Regional Planning cycle was triggered in advance of the 5-year period. The Needs Assessment (NA) for this region was completed in ​December 2022. It identified the needs in the region and recommended that further regional coordination is required, and subsequently Scoping assessment was published by IESO in March 2022.

Accomplishment (Most Recent Shown First) Status Completion Date
Scoping Assessment (3rd Cycle)​
March 2023
Needs Assessment (3rd Cycle)​
December 2022
Regional Infrastructure Planning (2nd Cycle)
Completed December 2020
Integrated Regional Resource Planning (2nd Cycle)
Completed March 2020
Scoping Assessment (2nd Cycle)
Completed August 2018
Needs Assessment (2nd Cycle)
Completed June 2018

*The completed reports are available below. 

Relevant Documents

Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP)
Completion Date
RIP Report – Greater Ottawa (2nd cycle) December 2020
RIP Report – Greater Ottawa December 2015

Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP)
Name Completion Date
Ottawa Sub-region IRRP – Report (2nd Cycle) March 2020
Ottawa Sub-region IRRP – Appendix (2nd Cycle) March 2020
2015 - Ottawa Area - IRRP - Appendix April 2015
2015 - Ottawa Area - IRRP - Report April 2015

Local Planning (LP)
Name Completion Date
Local Planning Report - Supply to East Ottawa Area November 2015
Local Planning Report - B5D - D5A Load Restoration September 2015

Additional Documents
Name Completion Date
Letter to H1 RE Ottawa June 2014