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NEW - Now offered to Residential Rural customers, Cottages and Small Municipalities


Improve pump performance and energy efficiency with instant rebates

If you are a Hydro One or Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI) customer, you are invited to take advantage of the AgriPump Rebate Program, which offers instant rebates* to help you upgrade to high‑efficiency pumps.

Download the bill insert in English

What is a High-Efficiency Agricultural Pump?

The AgriPump Rebate Program offers instant rebates for high efficiency pumpsets (0.5-10 hp) and beyond with advanced control technology that automatically adjusts performance to meet your needs. Benefits include:

  • Energy savings up to 40%

  • Up to $2,320 in instant rebates*

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Guard against wear and tear.

Rebates are instant — applied at time of purchase of eligible pump kits (must be purchased from participating contractors).

See Map of Participating Contractors  

Agricultural pumps             


AgriPump Rebate Program is ideal for:

Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production

Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture

Fruits and vegetable farming

Fruit and vegetable farming

Poultry and egg production

Poultry and egg production

Beef and cattle operations

Beef cattle operations

Hog and pig farming

Hog and pig farming

Soybean farming

Soybean farming

Dairy cattle and milk production

Dairy cattle and milk production

Horse farming

Horse farming

Vineyard farming

Vineyard farming

Oilseed and grain farming

Oilseed and grain farming

Rebates make it easy to switch

Get up to $2,320 in instant rebates when you replace your existing pump with a constant pressure pump kit for systems 0.5hp‑10hp.

Why upgrade?

ROI icon
Ongoing savings

Energy savings up to 40% can help control operating costs

Rebates icon
Quick payback

ROI is between 1-6 years for most kits

Quick icon
Easy to install

Most systems are installed in a day, with minimal downtime

guard icon
Guard against wear and tear

Built‑in pump protection (i.e., soft startup and shutdown) helps extend the life of your equipment

flow icon
Steady and constant flow

Delivers the right amount of water and ensures flow stays steady and consistent

Irrigation icon
Typical applications
  • Irrigation

  • Fertigation

  • Chemigation

  • Livestock handling

How much can you save?

The rebate varies depending on the type of pump.

There are six types of eligible pumps:
Submersible End Suction Vertical Multi-Stage

Circulator Pumps Milk Vacuum Pump Milk Pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AgriPump Rebate Program?

How do I participate?

Farmers, Rural Residential Customers and Municipalities If you are a Hydro One or Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI) customer, you can participate in the program by purchasing eligible equipment from a participating pump equipment contractor or dealer. Please visit the How to Participate page to find a contractor near you. When you work with a participating contractor to upgrade your pump, the rebate is provided at the point of purchase. The predefined rebate amounts depend on the type and size of the pump purchased. Customers purchasing eligible equipment will be required to provide their address and Hydro One or NPEI account number at the time of purchase. Our program team is working to continuously expand our network of participating contractors and equipment dealers. If you have a preferred vendor that is not listed here, please encourage the vendor to call our toll-free number at 1-844-403-3937 or email us at

Contractors: The AgriPump Rebate Program, offered by Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc., provides the exclusive ability to offer instant rebates to eligible customers when they purchase qualifying equipment. If you would like to help your customers reduce the cost of purchasing high-efficiency pump equipment and help them manage their electricity costs, simply call our toll-free number at 1-844-403-3937 or email us at

Distributors: Becoming a participating distributor is easy. Our quick orientation will help you understand the AgriPump Rebate Program participation requirements, and we will walk you through the process of helping your customers benefit from them. Learn more or get started by calling 1-844-403-3937 or emailing:

Who can I call to speak with about the program?

How is the program funded?

The AgriPump Rebate Program is funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Save on Energy programs and offered through your local hydro companies: Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. The AgriPump Rebate Program is subject to change without notice.

How do I submit a rebate?

This is an instant rebate program; therefore, the rebate is received by the customer at the point of purchase and time of purchase for eligible equipment. Be sure to ask your contractor or dealer about the rebate before you purchase the equipment, and look for the deduction on your invoice. The rebate is only available for qualified pump and VFD equipment that are going to be installed in the service territories of Hydro One and NPEI.

What types of pumps are eligible for an instant rebate?

The AgriPump Rebate Program offers instant rebates for pumps sold as packaged systems with VFDs and for VFDs sold and installed on existing pumps. Please see this section for more information.

How much electricity can I expect to reduce when I install the pump kit?

Do I have to replace my existing pump or can I just retrofit my existing pump?

What types of pumps are eligible?

icon: Farmer

Are you a Residential, Rural, or Seasonal Customer?

You have a well or lake on your property and need a high efficiency pump. Or you have dairy cows and require a milk vacuum pump. Learn more.

icon: Farmer

Are you a Farmer?

Participation in the program is quick and easy, with minimal paperwork! The rebate is applied at the time of purchase. Eligible pump kits must be purchased from a participating contractor. Learn more.

icon: Contractor

Are you a Contractor?

Sign on with a participating distributor to help your agricultural customers save money on qualifying constant pressure pump kits. Learn more.

icon: Distributor

Are you a Distributor?

Become a participating distributor for the exclusive ability to offer instant rebates on qualifying constant pressure pump kits. Learn more.

Contact Us

Contact the AgriPump Rebate Program:


Whether you are a Farmer, a Contractor or a Distributor we can help.


For more information, visit:

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