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For most greenhouses, the cost of energy comes right after labour costs

So, it pays to look for opportunities to save. We will work with you to identify potential savings and help you apply for incentives that pay up to 50 per cent of upgrade costs. From season to season, it pays to cultivate energy efficiency in your greenhouse.

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Advanced technologies to help you reduce costs:

Icon image of an LED light

Your two biggest opportunities for LEDs.

In the pack house, install LEDs and choose from a range of light temperatures for improved colour fidelity and lighting levels. Get energy savings up to 75 per cent. 

In the greenhouse, look at LED grow lights to lengthen and shift your growing seasons. They use 1/3 of the power demand of HPS lights. And because they are cool, they can be closer to plants for more efficient use of energy. Incentives are up to 50 per cent of total project costs.

Icon image of a fan

VFDs control your fans and your costs.

The proper operation of fans is critical to greenhouse operations. Look to the newest generation of control systems to manage your fans while minimizing energy usage.

Consider adding VFDs to reduce energy costs and provide precise airflow levels throughout the day. That is good for your crops and your bottom line too.

Incentives are up to 50 per cent of project costs. Paybacks can be quick. 
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Icon image of a pump spraying water

A simple pump is either on or off. But put a VFD on the pump and you can program it for optimum water line pressure and time the use to reduce energy demand costs.

On irrigation systems, VFDs can cut energy costs by up to 20 per cent.

Incentives pay up to 50 per cent of project costs, so paybacks can be very fast.
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Icon image of a greenhouse
Recapture Lost Heat

Have you considered a Combined Heat and Power system for your greenhouse? Turn lost waste heat into useful energy:

  • 47 per cent more efficient

  • Up to $50,000 for an engineering study

  • Project payback up to 40 per cent

Icon image of a checklist

Help yourself

Small tune-ups can deliver big savings.

Greenhouses benefit from regular maintenance, especially around moving parts such as vents or doors.

Your checklist should include weather-stripping, flushing out and cleaning boilers, pipes and pumps; and checking all controls.

  • Winterize – plug air leaks around fans, doors or vents 

  • Examine vents to make sure they close tightly when not in use

  • Ensure all systems are on a regular cleaning schedule.

Image of a man standing by machinery in a warehouse


Retrofit Program

Get up to 50 per cent for energy-efficient upgrades:

  • Speed up your ROI with financial incentives

  • Upgrade lighting, pumps, fans and other equipment

  • Funding based on before-and-after energy savings

  • Funding is also available for avoided consumption projects – ask us for details.

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Image of a man inside a house that's under construction


High Performance New Construction

Get more than $9,000* in incentives:

  • Get funding for high-efficiency new construction and renovations

  • Earn payments for every kilowatt saved

  • Includes adding re-circulation and exhaust fans

  • Email for details:

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Image of Westmoreland warehouse

Westmoreland Sales

Leamington, ON

In their 300,000 square foot pack house, Westmoreland Sales replaced 168 400W metal halide fixtures with 155W LEDs. They now benefit from true lighting colour, a reduced air conditioning load and on-going energy savings.

Project Details

168 155W LEDs



Demand Savings

40.5 kW

Annual Energy Savings (Assumed)

286,740 kWh

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How can we help you?

Contact us.

We can help you identify savings opportunities and guide you through the process of completing your incentive applications, at no cost.

Call us before you start your project.

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