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Every motor is a candidate for a VFD

Variable frequency drives (VFD) can deliver the biggest savings when applied to motors and pumps in industrial equipment, fans, HVAC and water systems.

Many motors are “always on, running full out only to be throttled by dampers and valves

This wastes energy and puts extra strain on the motor. VFDs can control and adjust the speed and torque of motors as demands change. That means you save energy and cut costs. Managers of commercial or residential high-rise buildings should evaluate their water systems for the application of VFDs. Often, even newer buildings can benefit. On farms, look at motorized equipment such as conveyors and ventilation fans for savings opportunities.

VFDs should be considered in these applications:

  • Icon image of centrifugal fans and pumps machinery

    Centrifugal Fans and Pumps

  • Icon image of blowers machinery


  • Icon image of mixers machinery


  • Icon image of conveyors


  • Icon image of compressors


  • Icon image of printing press machine

    Printing Presses

  • Icon image of punch press machine

    Punch Presses

  • Icon image of lathes machinery


  • Icon image of milling machine

    Milling Machines

Savings and daily benefits

Cut costs between 10% and 40%

The savings delivered by VFDs will depend on the size of the motor and hours of operation. However, savings between 10 per cent and 40 per cent are typical, and paybacks can be a matter of months.

Benefits of VFDs beyond savings

VFDs reduce the wear and tear on your motors, which means longer life and reduced maintenance time and costs. Depending on the number of motors, this can be a substantial secondary saving. Installation can be accomplished in a day for minimal down time.

An audit will identify opportunities

Pumps and motors can be “hidden” deep in equipment and pumping systems. That is where an audit can be useful to uncover and prioritize your potential savings. Audits can also identify motors that should be replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives.

Audits also qualify for incentives up to 50 per cent of the cost of the audit, up to $25,000.

Premium-efficiency motors bring premium benefits

Premium-efficiency motors are typically 4 per cent more efficient than standard motors. They are also higher quality, more reliable and give off less heat. There are two types:

  • Open Drip Proof (ODP) motors are well suited to cleaner applications where dust and dirt will not contaminate them.

  • Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled motors (TEFC) are better for spaces with dust or corrosive material.

Get incentives for VFDs, replacement motors and custom projects

Prescriptive incentives (per unit)

Download worksheet and see incentives

Open drip proof motors and totally enclosed fan-cooled motors (TEFC):
Download worksheet and see incentives

Custom incentives for premium‑efficiency motors

Incentives are calculated at either $800/kW of demand savings or $0.010/kWh of first year electricity savings (to a maximum of 50 percent of project costs), whichever is greater.

Download worksheet


Image of a man in the Fowler Metal warehouse standing by a work table with machines in the background

Fowler Metal

Burford, ON

Compressors play a big role in their processes, so any gains in energy efficiency go right to the bottom line.

Project Details


Demand Savings

19 kW

Energy Savings

132,700 kWh

Read More

Image of a woman walking through Kie Farms

Kie Farms

St. Mary's, ON

Installing eight large high-speed fans helped the Kiestras ventilate large indoor areas more efficiently and use less power at the same time.

Project Details


Demand Savings

60.3 kW

Energy Savings

174,212 kWh

Read More

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Call us before you start your project.

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