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Get up to $2,500 in FREE refrigeration upgrades

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What type of upgrades qualify?

The more you improve, the more you could save

Simple upgrades have been known to extend the life of your equipment by up to five years.

Industrial fridge, showing the different upgrades highlighted on it
Motor replacement

An Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) can help your system gain up to 60% in direct energy savings.

Insulating curtains

Installing insulating strip curtains helps prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering.

Anti-sweat controls
Anti-sweat controls

This upgrade programs your system to reduce condensation only when necessary, instead of working 24/7.

Anti-sweat controls
Condenser coil cleaning

Dust and debris can block the effective operation of your display cases. Cleaning condenser coils is a quick and easy way to optimize your system.

How does it work?

Refrigeration can account for up to 60% of your overall energy use.
If your equipment isn't operating at peak efficiency, you could be paying the price.

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Get up to $2,500 in FREE high-efficiency refrigeration upgrades

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We'll set you up with a qualified expert who will visit your business and talk to you about which upgrades will save you the most.

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Upgrade your system with up to $2,500 in incentives

Sometimes just a simple coil cleaning does the trick, other times you may want to install new insulating curtains or replace an old motor. Whatever upgrades you choose, we'll fine-tune the efficiency of your system, helping you save up to 60% on energy, year after year.

Eligible BRI upgrades receive FREE installation by a licensed contractor. Not only will you benefit from ongoing electricity savings, you'll also have more reliable refigeration equipment.

Does your business qualify?

  • You have a General Service Account
    (residential accounts aren't eligible)

  • Use commercial-grade refrigeration to cool products

  • Have an average electricity demand of less than 250 kW annually

  • Own or lease the facility (if you lease space, you must have the written permission of the owner)

  • Haven't participated in a previous business refrigeration program

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the assessment usually take to do?

On average, 1 hour is adequate for the assessment but it can take up to 1.5 hours in some instances.

Are you flexible in terms of when I can book my assessment?

We will provide you with the best suitable appointment to ensure that it works well with your schedule.

How long will my upgrades take?

Can I use my own people to install the upgrades?

No. The Business Refrigeration Incentive provides licensed contractors, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics or electricians licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario to deliver this program.


Reduce your electricity bill with these techniques

Try not to overstuff your refrigerators.

Allow for more airflow to reduce cooling times and food spoilage.

Regular maintenance never hurts.

Protect your investment by defrosting each unit at least once a year.

Location, location, location!

Keep your refrigerators away from direct sunlight and other heat sources (i.e. fryers, ovens, stoves, etc.)

Keep refrigerator doors closed.

It goes without saying that keeping refrigerator doors closed helps maintain their cool.

Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing Energy Star® certified fridges or freezers

They use an average of 40% less energy than standard models.

Why stop with refrigeration?

Get up to $2,000 in free lighting with the Small Business Lighting program.


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