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Get funding to hire a dedicated energy manager

While investing in energy efficiency can lead to substantial bottom-line benefits, many organizations can't devote the time or resources to managing energy-saving opportunities. We can help you hire a dedicated person to oversee, manage and implement all energy-efficiency projects.

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Get funding of up to $150,000 per year

A full-time energy manager is accountable for reducing energy costs and creating an overall energy strategy to increase energy efficiency and foster a culture of conservation.

An energy manager can:

  • Develop energy management plans

  • Secure financial incentives

  • Identify and prioritize smart energy investments 

  • Implement, track and optimize conservation measures

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Hands-on guidance

Here's why an energy manager can help you gain a competitive advantage:


​​An on-site energy manager will become familiar with your day-to-day operations and can devote the time needed to uncover savings opportunities, reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

​2. Is a dedicated resource

​From securing incentives and implementing projects, to tracking post-implementation results, an energy manager can manage all aspects of the process, so other staff can focus on their jobs.

3. Develops a culture of conservation

​As energy managers look holistically at energy management, they can also provide training to staff and recommend operational changes.

4. Establishes a long-term plan

​Through simple payback estimates, an energy manager can help set targets, develop a detailed plan to achieve measurable results and a long-term strategy.


This program is suited for:


Industrial facilities such as manufacturers and processing plants with complex systems and operations.


Large commercial buildings such as hotels, nursing homes, offices and multi-residential buildings.


Institutions such as hospitals, schools and universities.


Municipal buildings and other facilities.

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What is the incentive?

Performance Based

 Up to $150,000 per year

Earn up to $40 per MWh for all electricity savings delivered up to $150,000 per year.

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Do you have multiple facilities?

If you have five or more facilities across different service areas, you may qualify for the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager program.

  • Get an upfront payment of $40,000 to hire an energy manager

  • Must meet at least 2,000 MWh in annual savings

  • $40 paid for every MWh, up to $150,000 per year

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