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Applied for your permit? You’ve got 60 days to apply for incentives

Whether you are breaking ground or breaking down walls, high-efficiency equipment and systems can make your building more desirable to owners and tenants. We can help with incentives for building owners and design decision-makers for going high efficiency.

To qualify for incentives, you must apply within 60 days of permit application and complete your project before the end of 2020.

Download Program Overview

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Interior, exterior, high bay, garage–LED upgrades in all these areas will use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer and can even improve the appearance of your facility. Incentives are available for lamps, fixtures and lighting controls such as sensors.

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A variable frequency drive controls the speed of a motor, matching load to need, and potentially saving up to 40% in energy costs. Receive up to $4,835 in incentives, based on upgrade horsepower. Learn more.

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Your HVAC system may be your largest energy-saving opportunity: it typically consumes 25-70% of a non-industrial building's monthly electricity. When you install a high-efficiency unitary air conditioner or rooftop unit, you can receive $1,000 or more in incentives, while also cutting costs, improving building comfort and reducing maintenance requirements.

The bigger your project, the bigger your incentives

Choose from per-unit or preset incentives or customize your project calculation:

Prescriptive Incentives (for Agribusiness Measures only)

Per-unit incentives for Agribusiness measures
  • LED lighting and lighting controls

  • Recirculation ventilation

  • Creep heat pads

  • High temperature cut-out thermostat

  • Creep heat controller

  • Low energy livestock waterers

  • Photocell and timer for lighting control

  • Dual and natural exhaust ventilation

NOTE: the project minimum to receive Prescriptive incentives (or combined Prescriptive and Engineered Project) must have a minimum estimated incentive of $1,000 to qualify

If equipment/upgrade is not listed above, you may be eligible for incentives under Engineered or Custom incentive stream.

Engineered Incentives

Custom Incentives


Apply for incentives today

Follow our guide to submit your forms for funding

Submit your Initial Application (prior to applying for any permit).

Within 60 days of applying for your building permit, but before you begin construction, submit your Pre-Construction Application, worksheets and other supporting documents.

After approval, complete construction


Within 150 days of receiving your occupancy permit, submit your Post-Construction Application, worksheets, occupancy permit and other supporting documents.

Success Stories

Image of a woman walking through Kie Farms

Kie Farms

St. Mary's, ON

Installing eight large high-speed fans helped this farm ventilate large indoor areas more efficiently and use less energy at the same time.

Project Details 



60.3 kW


174,212 kWh                                                                                         

Read More 

Image of a woman walking through Kie Farms

Rosedale Park Farms

Uxbridge, ON

Installing LED lighting in a new equestrian facility through the Save on Energy High Performance New Construction program.   

Project Details 



24.4 kW


210,194 kWh

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How can we help you?

Contact us.

We can help you identify savings opportunities and guide you through the process of completing your incentive applications, at no cost.

For more information on the residential new construction program please call:


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON moves, connections, or to change your service, PLEASE CALL:

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