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Get the big picture of your electricity use

Do you really know how your facility is using energy? A monitoring and targeting (M&T) system can help you see exactly where and how electricity is being used throughout your building, in real time, so you can optimize your processes and systems while better managing your consumption.

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Get funding of up to $75,000 per Monitoring and Targeting system

Every business can benefit from a better understanding of its energy consumption. Use the data to understand which factors impact your costs. Then, use these insights to drive energy savings.

Track, uncover, act:

  • Uncover hidden savings opportunities

  • Detect energy waste, so you can fix problems right away

  • Get real-time feedback, so you can track, adjust and test any changes

A process of continuous improvement

Savings are everywhere - you just need to know where to find them.
Here's how an M&T system works:


Collect data by installing electricity meters on equipment that uses electricity. The more data points you add, the more insights you'll uncover.


​Get real-time feedback, in easy to read graphs and charts, that can help alert you to any energy waste, trends or unusual patterns in energy consumption. Benchmark your consumption and then set performance targets.

3. Adjust and test processes

Use the insights from your data to implement changes, solve problems or adjust processes. Test against performance targets to measure success.

4. Fine-tune and optimize

The advantage of tracking electricity usage in real-time is that you can continually make adjustments to refine and optimize your energy performance.

Who is this program for?

Many types of buildings can benefits from M&T, including:

industrial & manufacturing facilities




hospitals & healthcare

schools, colleges
& universities

greenhouses and other agricultural buildings

hotels &

Get funding for M&T

Up to 50% or 80% of project costs

up to 50% project costs

Get up to 50% of project costs for savings achieved over 12 months under the Retrofit Program. Get $0.10/kWh.

up to 80% project costs

Get up to $75,000 (up to 80% of project costs) under the Process and Systems Upgrades Program.

Click here to view and download all M&T forms:


Hire an on-site Energy Manager

Hire a dedicated person to oversee your M&T system and get funding of up to $150,000 per year through the Energy Manager Program.

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