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WTTE is open to any Hydro One employee, female or male, from any level of the organization​ and any representation (PWU, Society and MCP). This includes anyone who has been employed by Hydro One or has been affiliated (pensioners, students, former employees etc.) with Hydro One.

The WTTE is comprised of a small volunteer committee and membership that is governed by a terms of reference. The committee is sponsored by Senior Management and Human Resources. Our sponsors support the team, assist with gaining resources, and work to clear obstacles from the committee's path. Our Executive Sponsor works closely with the members of the WTTE Executive Committee to provide guidance, advice and support in helping the network achieve its goals.

To learn more about becoming a member or joining the committee, please read our terms of reference below or contact us at WTTE@HydroOne.com.

Our Purpose and Vision
Our Mission and Vision
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Angela Vacchino
Angela Vacchino
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Our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission:
Create meaningful change for women in trades, technology and engineering through a community of connection, support and advocacy.

Our Vision:
An equitable, diverse and inclusive future for employees of all genders at Hydro One.


Jessica McGregor, WTTE Co-Chair

Senior Advisor, Internal Communications

I joined WTTE because I believe the onus is on all of us – regardless of gender, representation, or title – within the company to advocate on behalf of women in TTE roles. To me, a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key component to our collective success as a company and as an industry leader.


Angela Vacchino, WTTE Co-Chair

RMF Regional Maintainer Forster

As one of the Co-chairs of the WTTE committee and representing women in the trade is truly an honor. The WTTE has been established for quite some time as an Employee Resource group and we continue to grow and improve to support the needs of our members. To advocate for women in the trades, technology and engineering along with any profession, employees want to feel heard, valued and respected. We support each other and work together to improve the importance of inclusion and gender equality at Hydro One. My goal is to see the retention rate in the trades to continue to grow, and to see women have a life long career with success and opportunities to succeed within our company.


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WTTE Chapters

Since our company services and operates over a large geographic area, regularly connecting with colleagues and fellow WTTE members can be difficult. WTTE Chapters will be stationed in numerous locations across the province so members and supporters can regularly meet to tackle occurring issues and to continue to have important conversations. The WTTE Executive Committee understands that each Chapter will have its own needs and limitations to address. The Chapter Chair has the flexibility for each location to be tailored to its specific needs to best serve the interests of that area.​

​Starting a New Chapter

If you would like to start a Chapter yourself, please email WTTE@HydroOne.com. In order to start a Chapter, you need the following:

  • Chapter chair or co-chairs for the area

  • Supporting Management Advisor

  • Direct manager’s approval to take on the task

  • Excitement about spreading the vision and values of the WTTE.



Contact U​​s

To learn more about WTTE, provide suggestions or inquire about how to become more involved with the group, please email us.


For Diversity, Inclusion and Equity matters, please contact your supervisor, your local HR consultant,
or visit the Human Resources Intranet site (Hydro One employees only).