We’re proud to join your community, Orillia!

We’re proud to join your community and to continue to energize life in Orillia.

There will be a transition period over the next year as we bring Hydro One and Orillia Power Distribution Corporation* together.

Here’s what you can expect during the transition period:

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Your power and bill will continue to come from Orillia Power Distribution Corporation (OPDC) during the transition period

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Starting with your September electricity use, there will be a 1% rate reduction to the base distribution portion of your bill

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The base distribution portion of
your bill is frozen at this rate
for five years

Energizing Life

Energizing life means more than supplying safe and reliable power, it also means standing with our customers and communities, especially during these unprecedented times.

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photo of the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games

photo of Hydro One representatives attending the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games

At Hydro One, we feel a deep responsibility to support the communities where we work and live. Earlier this year, we sponsored the Orillia 2020 Ontario Winter Games and made the event a possibility for more than 3,500 participants to compete in over 27 different sports. We could not be more proud of this partnership and look forward to finding more ways to give back to the community together.

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We’re also committed to investing in the local economy. Construction has started on the new Ontario Grid Control Centre in Orillia, and we’ve committed to developing a new provincial warehouse and regional operations centre in the area.

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As a customer-driven company, we strive to offer and advocate for convenience, flexibility and choice, because we know that the needs of our customers and communities are unique. We’re excited to show you the benefits of being a Hydro One customer.

Your Rates

Starting in September, your base distribution rates will be reduced by 1% and frozen for five years.

The savings for a typical distribution customer’s electricity consumption is shown in table below. These savings will vary based on electricity consumption.

Rate Class Monthly Use (kWh) Peak Demand (kW) Bill Change ($)
Residential 750 kWh - -$0.23
General Service Less Than 50 kW 2,000 kWh - -$0.63
General Service 50 to 4,999 kW 73,000 kWh 100 kW -$7.90


Frequently Asked Questions

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*Orillia Power Distribution Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hydro One Inc.