2024 Delivery Rates - Peterborough

Effective January 1, 2024

Hydro One delivers electricity safely and reliably to homes and businesses in Ontario. Effective January 1, 2024, new delivery rates will be in place.

We energize life for customers and communities across Ontario by delivering electricity safely and reliably to homes and businesses in Ontario. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) recently approved 2024 delivery rates that are reflected on the Delivery line on your bill. The new rates will apply to your electricity use starting on January 1, 2024.

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Our Role in Ontario's Electricity System

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What's changing? Changes to Delivery line
Expiry of cost/credit adjustments (known as rate riders) that were primarily associated with the business of the former Peterborough Distribution Inc. Increase for residential customers and large use rate class
Decrease for general service customers
Update to our transmission rates to reflect the higher costs of transmitting electricity over our high-voltage system. Increase
What else is changing? Changes to Regulatory Charges
Update to Rural or Remote Rate Protection Charge. Increase

What isn’t changing?

  • The credit amount for the one per cent rate reduction on base distribution remains unchanged and will continue to be applied to bills for a five-year period until July 31, 2025.

  • Base distribution delivery rates will remain frozen until July 31, 2025.

Residential customers and the large user rate class will see increases to the Delivery and Regulatory Charges lines on the bill. The amount your bill will change depends on your rate class and how much electricity you use.

How much will my bill change?

The table below shows the combined bill impacts for a typical/average customer based on 2024 rates for Delivery and Regulatory Charges. The bill impacts are calculated using time-of-use prices. Click here to see where rate class is shown on your bill.

Peterborough Rate Classes Monthly Use
Monthly Peak
Change in Monthly
Total Bill ($)
Change in Monthly
Total Bill (%)
Residential 750 - $1.86 1.5%
General Service less than 50 kW 2,000 - -$1.761 -0.6%1
General Service 50 to 4,999 kW 182,500 250 -$1,213.311 -4.2%1
Large Use 5,000 kW or more 3,650,000 5,000 $7,016.19 1.3%

Notes: Impacts are calculated using Time-of-Use prices.

1Expiry of cost adjustments as of December 31, 2023, have offset the increase in transmission rates and Regulatory Charges.

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What are the new delivery rates?

Delivery Rates
Effective Date: January 1, 2024
Residential General Service
General Service
50 kW to 4,999 kW
Large Use
>5,000 kW
Monthly Service Charge ($/month) $22.391 $31.051 $158.711 $6,376.561
Smart Metering Entity Charge ($/month) $0.422 $0.422 N/A N/A
Distribution Volume Charge (¢/kWh – metered or $/kW) N/A 0.90¢1,3 $2.74621,3 $0.74491
Low Voltage Service Rate (¢/kWh – metered or $/kW) 0.10¢ 0.09¢ $0.3277 $0.4014
Transmission Connection Charge (¢/kWh or $/kW- adjusted) 0.79¢4 0.72¢4 $2.7845 $3.4114
Transmission Network Charge (¢/kWh or $/kW- adjusted) 1.00¢4 0.93¢4 $3.7436 $4.4107
Line Loss Adjustment Factor 1.05485 1.05485 Secondary Metered Customers: 1.05485
Primary Metered Customers: 1.04435
Secondary Metered Customers: 1.01725
Primary Metered Customers: 1.00705

Regulatory Charges
Effective Date: January 1, 2024
Residential General Service
General Service
50 kW to 4,999 kW
Large Use
>5,000 kW
Standard Supply Admin
Charge ($/month)
$0.256 $0.256 $0.256 $0.256
Rural or Remote Rate Protection Charge
(¢/kWh - adjusted)
0.14¢5 0.14¢5 0.14¢5 0.14¢5
IESO Wholesale Market Service Rate
(includes capacity-based recovery)
(¢/kWh - adjusted)
0.45¢5 0.45¢5 0.45¢5 0.45¢5

1The 1% reduction to base distribution rates has been applied to the amounts shown in the table above and will be in effect until July 31, 2025. To see the full schedule of rates and charges, please click here.

2As directed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), the smart meter entity charge will be collected from residential and general service energy-billed customers on behalf of the IESO until December 31, 2027.

3A cost adjustment has been applied to delivery rates and will be in effect until December 31, 2024.

4Retail transmission rates shown are to be adjusted for line losses.

5Adjustment to account for line losses on Electricity, Regulatory and Transmission charges.

6This charge does not apply to customers who have a contract with an electricity retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my rates increasing? I thought my rates were frozen for five years.

  • We have frozen your base distribution rates for a five-year period that started in August 2020.

  • However, this rate protection doesn’t include the numerous cost/credit adjustment (also known as rate riders) that have expired as of December 31, 2023. These adjustments were primarily associated with the business of the former Peterborough Distribution.

  • As well as the higher cost to transmit electricity over the high voltage system has put upward pressure on rates.

How much is the 1% rate reduction to my distribution rates?

Peterborough Rate Class Reduction to monthly
service charge ($/month)
Reduction to distribution
volume charge ($/kWh or $/kW)
Residential $0.23 N/A
General Service less than 50 kW $0.31 $0.0001
General Service 50 kW to 4,999 kW $1.60 $0.0273
Large Use > 5,000 kW $64.41 $0.0075

What's Rural or Remote Rate Protection Charge?

This is a portion of the Regulatory Charges line item on the bill. This charge is designed to reduce costs for eligible customers located in rural or remote areas where the costs of distributing electricity is higher. This charge is paid by all electricity consumers in the province and is approved by the OEB. The new charge is 0.14 cents per kWh (from 0.07 cents per kWh), effective January 1, 2024.

What rates and charges are included in the Delivery line?

Delivery charges are made up of the following items:

  • Distribution rates are designed to recover our costs for the poles, wires, meters, stations that are used to deliver electricity to your home or business, as well as the costs related to meter reading, billing, and customer service. Distribution rates include:
    • a monthly service charge that does not change no matter how much electricity you use, and
    • a distribution volumetric rate that varies based on how much electricity you use (this doesn’t apply to residential customers).
    • A low-voltage service rate that varies based on how much electricity you use.
  • A smart meter entity charge of $0.42 per month that we collect on behalf of the IESO. This charge is effective until December 31, 2027 and only applies to residential and general service energy-billed customers.
  • Cost or credit adjustments (also known as rate riders) – adjustments to reconcile for costs or surpluses incurred while providing electricity to customers.
  • Transmission rates recover the costs to operate and maintain the high-voltage transmission system and vary based on how much electricity you use.
  • An adjustment for line losses.

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