Without power? Call our 24/7 outage hotline at 1-800-434-1235 or report an outage online.

Find all the information you need on preparing for storms and the work we do to restore your power safely below.

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Outage information at your fingertips

Get updates every ten minutes and track local weather with the Storm Centre online map and Hydro One mobile app.

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Before a Storm

photo of a pending storm

Before a Storm

Our comprehensive guide to preparing for a storm

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Outage Alerts

Sign up for Outage Alerts and receive live updates by phone or by email

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Emergency Preparedness Kit

Find out what you need to prepare for storms and outages

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Sign up for myAccount

Sign up for myAccount to help us stay in touch with you

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Update Your myAccount Information

Make sure all of your information, including contact details, is correct

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Learn about our Planned Outages

Scheduled outages are critical to the performance of our transmission and distribution system

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During a Storm

photo of a lightning bolt in the night sky

During a Storm

Learn what to do during a storm

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Storm Centre

Receive the latest storm updates and estimated restoration times

View outage map
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Report a Power Outage

Report a power outage to our province-wide hotline, which operates 24/7 at 1-800-434-1235

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Public Safety Is Our Priority

Electrical equipment is all around us. Keep you and your family safe with these power safety reminders

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photo of the Hydro One emergency preparedness checklist

Storm Safety Checklist

A safety guide for before, during and after a storm

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What Happens When the Power Goes Out

Find out what to do in an outage and how we will work to restore your power

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After a Storm

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After a Storm

Learn what to do after a storm

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Power Up Safely

Always turn on lights and appliances one by one to avoid a power surge

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Replenish your Kit

Replace any items you may have used in your power outage kit

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Stay Informed with Outage Alerts

Get information and updates during an outage, including estimated restoration times

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Request a Service

Submit a request for temporary disconnect, tree trimming or cable locate service

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Address Property Damages

Learn how to document any property damage and file a claim if necessary

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